Skincare throughout the ages with Vitage®

Your skin goes through many changes through your lifetime from puberty, sunburn and menopause. A great skincare regime will put you and your skin in great stead for the future, but don’t forget to change it up depending on your age. Skin requirements change, here we learn about the changes your skin will face throughout your life, and knowing when to change up your skincare routine to reflect these changes can make all the difference!

Alongside a skincare routine, there are other elements that can help towards fresh, clear skin. Exercising, eating well and clean bed sheets all help towards healthy skin. Alcohol will dry out your skin, while smoking causes premature ageing. The ultimate sin for your skin? Leaving on make-up over night! Make sure to get into bed with a clean face, even if you don’t have time to do your full routine!


Starting a simple but effective routine will put you in good stead for the future. Teenage skins have two key concerns, break outs and sensitivity; sometimes these are combined on one skin. Jumping from product to product, brand to brand will do nothing to fight these, it will make them flare up. So finding your perfect products is key!

Start with a two-step routine that you can then scale up if you require. First cleanse the skin, but be careful to not over-cleanse, as that strips the skin of natural oils that keep the skin healthy! Use Revitalising Daily Cleanse for a lightweight, cream gel formula that leaves your skin calm and soft. For visibly improved skin within days, the cleanser is suitable for all skin types so perfect for sensitive teen skin. Keeping your skin clean reduces breakouts, so this step it vital!

For your second step use a protective product that protects the skin barrier function. Vitage® Skin Defence products contain SPF to protect against harmful sun rays. Sun damage can haunt you much later in life, so protecting now is crucial for future you! Skin Defence SPF 30 is a super hydrating, water resistant and moisturising one step protector. The formula absorbs onto the skin lightweight, sheer and matt while keeping your skin calm.


Rejoice in the best skin years of your life! Your hormones have levelled out meaning puberty driven blemishes and spotty teenage skin is behind you! Now your skincare routine is all about keeping your skin healthy, replenished and fighting off premature signs of ageing.

One sure-fire way of protecting skin against ageing? Sunscreen! Not only vital for your skins protection against sunburn but also blocking UVA rays that causes premature ageing. Skin Defence SPF 30 has a matte, sheer and water resistant finish which is ideal for putting on under makeup. Any sunscreen used should be applied five minutes after moisturiser and 20 minutes before leaving the house.

Monthly cycles, stress and lack of sleep have a huge effect on your skin. Target dark circles and tired, run down eyes with Age Defence Firming Eye Serum. The cooling formula reduces dark circles, puffiness and improves elasticity, especially important for the thin skin around your eyes. Work a ‘correcting’ product into your regime after cleansing and before moisturising.


Time to crank your skin care routine up a gear! Our 30s signal the time when our skin starts to show tell-tale signs of ageing, such as dehydration, pigmentation and wrinkles. Skin begins to become less forgiving, leaving signs of late nights and sun exposure like never before. This stage is where all important collagen levels start to drop, leaving skin thinner, drier and blotchy. The process of cell turnover and renewal of dermal proteins slows down in your thirties, so get ahead of yourself by starting a preventative skincare programme now! Start looking for products that include antioxidants, antioxidants protect skin from environmental stress, prevent ageing and free radicals.

Skin damage from earlier years may start to resurface, so protecting yourself from more exposure is key to well looked after skin. Use Skin Defence SPF 30 daily to protect against UVA rays.

Within your skin regime, after cleansing but before moisturising incorporate Age Defence Peptide Complex, a light but condensed serum that supports collagen and elastin within your skin. Ideal for tackling the first signs of ageing, such as fine and wrinkles!

Vitamin C is crucial for collagen production, include Vitamin C rich replenishing products such as Vitamin C Radiance Mask into your routine. A one-stop mask that will rehydrate and brighten your skin, leaving skin glowing and replenished with vital Vitamin C!


Vitage® Hello 40! Your skin is now showing permanent signs of ageing, you might find your cheeks are sagging, your pores are suddenly much more noticeable and that your brows furrow. It’s natural for your skins oil production to slow down or completely halt, so moisturising regularly is now essential. It is still crucial to protect your skin from the sun. Keep using SPF in your daily routine before makeup, such as Skin Defence SPF 30. It is also time to start using products that are much gentler on your skin, such as unscented, calming formulas.

Your skin barrier starts to weaken with age and with age comes lack of hydration, so keep your skins barrier replenished with Age Defence Peptide Cream. The powerful yet comforting cream forms a protective layer to repair barrier function. Also softening and nourishing your skin. The formula works perfectly with delicate and sensitive skin.

Antioxidants are crucial to protect the skin from free radicals, environmental stress and prevent ageing. Apply Vitamin C tightening Antioxidant Serum, a condensed but light serum that tightens and firms skin giving the appearance of younger looking skin. Apply in your AM routine after cleansing but before moisturising to drench your skin in much needed moisture. Moisturising is essential, Age Defence Power Skin Repair is an incredibly hydrating moisturiser, ideal for daily use. The formula is made up of important antioxidants that tackle ageing while hydrating and firming your skin. Also strengthening the skin barrier, Age Defence Power Skin Repair gives the appearance of younger looking skin.

50s & onwards:

Uh-oh menopause. The average women starts menopause at 51, which can have all sorts of challenging effects upon your skin. With hormones suddenly raging once again ache and breakouts can occur, wrinkles seem to appear rapidly and skin loses tightness and radiance. Naturally the decline of oestrogen causes collagen production to drop, skin will start to look drier and possibly saggy. It is still vital to protect your skin against the sun, so still use Skin Defence SPF 30 every day.

Skin may look dull and appear leathery, as the cornified layer is getting thicker meaning light reflects poorly. Tackle this with Vitamin C Radiance Mask that brightens, revitalises and hydrates the skin while refining pores. Use only once for an instant radiant glow.

If you’re suffering from breakouts, apply Correct & Perfect Serum a gentle but effective clearing serum that targets break outs for all skin types. Containing anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and healing properties that work to control bacteria and reduce sebum. Furthermore, sooth irritated skin with Vitage® Skin Calming Aloe Gel. A healing, non-sticky gel that quickly cools and reduces inflammation while also rehydrating.