Gently does it - the inevitable stress of the planning and preparations means your skin may get more sensitive or experience breakouts depending on your skin type.

Don't be tempted to throw too many things at your skin. Keep your routine simple and gentle but most importantly, consistent. Vitage® Correct and Perfect Serum is ideal to treat breakouts and a simple cleanse and hydrate routine will keep things calm!

Smooth and refine - in the run up to the big day use the time to refine your skin texture for a flawless make up finish.

Hydrate - you can forget to look after yourself in the pre-wedding frenzy and this can make your skin more dehydrated than usual. As always, make sure you drink plenty of water, which will help energy levels as well as your skin.

Add instant hydration to skin with treatment products such as Vitage® Hydrating Mask to plump and smooth or apply Vitage® Skin Calming Aloe Gel to replenish more sensitive skins.

Natural Radiance- in the few days running up to the big day this can be hard to achieve. Sleep may be elusive but you need to plan your rest time as much as the errands. Plan time to relax and unwind before bed as sleep is quite possibly the best beauty treatment of all!

To boost tired skin try Vitage® Vitamin C Radiance Mask before the day and our Vitamin C Radiance Serum on the day to prime your skin perfectly.