Sweat SOS

Whether you’re soaking up the sun on holiday or catching some (rare!) British sun, seasonal sun can be exhausting on your skin. With sun comes sweat... did you know fresh sweat contains an antibiotic dermcidin which benefits the skin by helping to regulate the amount of skin bacteria and removing impurities. However, dried sweat can reverse the good deed and absorb all that grime back into your skin causing rashes, breakouts, clogged pores and milia. Try out our tips to combat sweat, keeping your pores clear and skin fresh!

Get a head start

Start your AM skincare routine with a deep cleanse leaving your skin smooth, soft and hydrated. Having clean, fresh skin puts you in the best position to tackle the day and eliminates any extra dirt and oil that could potentially be absorbed into your skin! Revitalising Daily Cleanse- Suitable for all skin types and ages this gentle yet effective cleansing gel contains potent antioxidants for anti-ageing effects, while simultaneously hydrating and soothing the skin.

Keep it light

To lessen the effects of pore clogging and heaviness keep your make up light and keep your skin hydrated. A light moisturiser with an SPF can protect against the effects of sun damage and keep your skin feeling fresher. Skin Hydrator SPF 15- This moisturiser utilises second skin technology by providing hydration while leaving a matte finish. Combines antioxidants with SPF protection to reduce the effects of daily sun damage for healthier, clearer skin.

Clean ASAP

Clean your face as soon as you can to avoid break outs and keep pores clean! Lift the sweat off your face for lighter feeling skin. Correct and Perfect Serum- Effective gentle clearing serum to target breakouts for all skin types, benefitting problematic complexions for all ages. It contains anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and healing properties.

Don’t forget the pores

It’s your pores that bear the brunt of a hot and humid day. After cleansing try using Vitage® Vitamin C Radiance Mask that restores and cleans your pores, leaving them reduced in size and your skin with a glow! Vitamin C Radiance Mask- A one-step mask that gives the skin an instant, radiant glow. Simultaneously reduces pore size, firms, hydrates and refines to help diminish the appearance of fin lines and wrinkles. Instantly plumps the skin.